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Project Over4

The Solar Decathlon is the most important international competition in architecture and engineering  for all the universities around the world. Each participating team of students must design and build a prototype of an energy-independent solar house. We are one of the 11 teams qualified for this competition and we will design and build the prototype of a house that we will carry in July 2019 to Szentendre, to be subject to the following 10 trials:

Szentendre, Hungary, has been selected as the location for Solar Decathlon Europe 2019. With a rich architectural and cultural heritage, Szentendre is situated on the Danube, not far from Budapest.

Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 will focus on simulating the renovation of existing buildings using modern technologies and a combination of modern and recycled materials, while focusing on interior comfort, four-seasons design and architectural quality by integrating new technologies and materials.

Solr Decathlon 2019
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