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The team of your professionals

A very ambitious project done by a great team!

We represent Romania in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 competition!

Solar Decathlon Europe 2019

It is the world's most important architecture and engineering competition, reaching over 20 editions on all continents. The 2019 edition of the competition will be held in July in Szentendre, Hungary and its theme is the renovation and rehabilitation of existing buildings. We compete with other 10 teams from all over the world.

Over4 Renovation

Unique integrated renovation concept

We propose a holistic approach to the entire renovation process of the 5 storey condominiums (the 770 series) built massively in Romania during the communist period. Due to the lack of a consistent renovation strategy, such a "deep renovation" approach is needed to bring us closer to the European Union directives on energy efficiency, CO2 emissions and ultimately the nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB)

Over4 prototype

An innovative prototype of solar-powered, sustainable and energy efficient house 

For the Solar Decathlon Europe competition we designed the Over4 prototype, a modular, solar-powered and energy-independent house which meets the requirements of the Passive House standard. It will be assembled three times and tested under the toughest conditions during the competition.

Building the Over4  prototype